Speaking and Writing

Need a Speaker?

I love having the opportunity to bring abstract or difficult topics to life for people through presentations and facilitated sessions that leave participants feeling energized, enthusiastic, and engaged in the topic. I see it as a joy and a privilege to be able to share with an audience in that way.

I realize that concepts of ‘culture’, ‘engagement’, ‘strategy’, ‘knowledge’, ‘collaboration’, and others are often ambiguous.  Giving them weight and meaning and making them useful in the workplace is a passion of mine.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve had the great opportunity as a speaker to present internally with client organizations and externally at industry events and forums on a wide variety of topics. More recently I have successfully delivered webinars and have started using remote tools including Skype, video rooms, and collaboration platforms to support presentations with participants from around the world.

My interests are continuously evolving, but remain grounded in my enduring interest in how organizations ‘really work’.  Some of the topics I speak about currently include:


If you would be interested in having me speak with your group (large or small) please feel free to contact me at julwill002@gmail.com.