Social Media from an adolecent point of view

This is my week for having colleagues provide great references!  Today Sarah Cowell shared the following article with me, it is a great perspective on social media by a technologist who has a 15 year old sister.  Check it out at Tenth Grade Technology Trends

At the same time, the Pew Institute recently released its latest data on teens and social media, with some interesting commentary on Twitter in particular. Here’s their report on teens and social media use.  See below for their Twitter chart.

teens and twitter

A Social Media Primer – The Why Bother of Social Networks

Do you wonder why anyone would ever be on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Not sure what Instagram, Tumbr, or Linked In are all about?

Check out this webinar that goes through each of these platforms and why people use them.  It isn’t technical or fancy, just some good discussion between my colleague Sarah Cowell and me about how we use the tools. If you haven’t used On24 before, there is a brief registration process.  Enjoy!

Social Media Primer