Embracing February 29

I’ve never really paid attention to Leap Year, or its singular day, February 29th.  But somehow this year I’ve been caught in the enchantment of it – the idea of having a day that ‘doesn’t count’, or a ‘bonus day’, as some of my friends call it. Imagine if we all took advantage of an extra day in a year to do something really special – to relax a bit more, try something different, give back in a new way, or maybe something we’ve always wanted to do. I’ve never really considered it, but why not?

So I did a little looking around. There’s a movie about it that was oddly (at least to me) released in 2010 – not a Leap Year. Apparently there are traditions associated with it – according to timeanddate.com, women propose to their boyfriends (who knew?). People try to plan childbirth to hit the 29th – seems like a bit of a gamble, but if it keeps it interesting, why not. I know people who take the day off, or who plan escapes from their everyday in some way, and that sounds like a great idea (and less big than proposing).  Have I just arrived at a point in my life where that is more appealing?  I’m already wondering,what happens in four years with this new perspective on the 29th?  I’m sure I’ll come up with something good.



The A380 is AMAZING

So a few days ago I flew the A380 to Singapore on Singapore Air.  It was the top of the line version, and it was amazing – power plugs, USB jacks, touch screens, even in Economy. Today I flew the Lufthansa version back, slight downgrades, but still amazing. Even in Economy class, there were USB jacks, touch screen entertainment, and comfortable seats. It was really a flying experience – quiet, comfortable, and somehow more humane than many flights that long. On the way home I flew the 777 from Frankfurt to Denver, it felt like a dinasour – and yet I remember when it was the flagship of many fleets. All I can say is if you get a chance, take a ride on an A380, it will change what you think of long haul flying….. it may never be the best way to spend a day, but it can be better than we’ve known in the past!