Happy trash but no…. bananas?

Singapore is full of unexpected lightheartedness – perhaps unexpected because of the dire warning to drug traffickers presented in immigration, and the reputation for taking a hard line on rules and regulations.  I was particularly taken by the chirpy trash cans, which oddly seem to have a ban on banana peels?

Arrival Terminals Changi

So I arrived in Singapore after 30 some-odd hours of flying from Atlanta. I often dread getting through immigration and customs because it is just another line to wait in after a long trip. As I entered in the gleaming Changi arrival area in Terminal 3 and looked down, I realized that there was no line at all.  It was easy, quick, and I was processed and through in a flash – so quick that I barely had time to look around and enjoy the geometric architecture, gardens, water features, and lounge chairs. Of course, when I return in a few days to depart I’ll have plenty of time to explore.  Like many airports in Asia, Changi is much more modern than many US airports, even those in major hubs, and it makes me wonder what international travelers must think when their first impression of the States is one of our legacy infrastructures…..